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The Car Dealer Automotive WordPress Theme creates fully featured websites for your car dealership or automotive company. It is a responsive WordPress car theme that connects dealers and customers

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  • Car Dealer Automotive WordPress Theme Description

    This fully featured theme was created for car dealership / automotive companies and people (even independent car owners!) who want to buy, sell or lease their vehicles online.

    If you are looking for a business idea or an additional income stream, the Car Dealer Automotive WordPress Theme can help you make a lot of money! Install it on a WordPress-based site, and then you will be able to buy or sell any type of vehicle in a jiffy!

    We have done everything in our power to incorporate all the features you’d expect to see in a premium car dealer WordPress theme, while making it look gorgeous. It’s everything you are ever going to need from a car dealer template!

    The main characteristic of the theme is its flexibility. It can be used as a car dealer website template for huge vehicle dealership companies, or by regular people who want to sell their own cars.

    Website visitors can create their own accounts, and then easily list and sell cars. With this WordPress automotive theme, anyone can be a car dealer!

    Car Dealer Automotive WordPress Theme Features


    There is no need to log into the admin section of the site to edit your personal info. Log in using a sliding front-end panel, and then edit your personal info anytime you want.

    The car dealer template offers the option of branding the images on the site using your own logo. Claim ownership for all your images and get more type-in traffic to your website.


    When you purchase this car dealer WordPress theme, you also get access to a database that includes a huge number of car makes and models. You can add new cars, edit their features and even delete them. Another database with countries and cities, which lets you specify an exact location, is also included.


    New features are regularly added to the Car Dealer Automotive WordPress theme, and they won’t cost you a dime. The loan calculator helps you calculate monthly payments, depending on the car loan amount, its term and the annual interest rate.

    Whenever you sell a car, you can add a “Sold” label to its picture. The same thing happens when you’d like to feature a particular car.


    We have built one of the most powerful search widgets ever, and we have included it in this car dealer template. Use the widget to search cars by their year, model, location and mileage.


    Some of your website visitors may not be able to choose the best car by simply studying its characteristics. That is why we’ve incorporated a car comparison module, which helps people compare cars side by side, and then pick the ones that fit all their needs. And if some users aren’t ready to buy yet, they can add the cars they’d like to monitor to their personal watch lists.


    If your car dealership website lists many cars, some of its visitors may get lost. That is why we have included the ability to filter the cars by their year of first registration, price, listing date and mileage. It’s possible to view the filtered results as a grid or list view.


    Even identical cars can come with different options, and thus their price can vary a lot. The car options editor allows you to filter additional vehicle options, helping your customers pick the cars that have everything they need.


    The Car Dealer Automotive theme can be used on any site, anywhere in the world! We made sure that the theme is fully compatible with the WPML plugin, the best WordPress multilingual plugin. This means that you can have your site content translated on the fly, and you can use as many different languages as you need.


    The theme allows visitors to create accounts on your car dealership site. You can set the number of cars that they are allowed to list, the amount of disk space to store their images, and so on. You can also create account upgrades, which have better features, and then sell them to your visitors. You can also ask your customers to pay for having their vehicles featured on the site, because this will push their cars to the top of the search results.


    As mentioned above, the theme allows you to sell account upgrades. That is why we have also included a PayPal payment module, which allows you to track all the purchases that were made on your car dealership website.

    The data used for the various account upgrades is reused, generating great looking pricing tables automatically. Standard PayPal payment buttons are integrated into the tables and can be connected to your PayPal account.


    This automotive WordPress theme also includes a built-in currency converter. The theme can thus be used in any country in the world, even if you have foreign clients as well. This means that you don’t need to add prices in several currencies; simply post the car price in the local currency, and the converter will do the rest of the job for you.


    By now you should have realized that the Car Dealer Automotive theme is not only featured packed, but also extremely flexible. If you’d like to use your business logo and a specific set of colors, you will be pleased to discover the theme styling options panel.

    The panel allows you to choose a custom color scheme with only a few mouse clicks. In addition to this, all the theme elements can be modified according to your requirements.


    Setting up a blog, and then posting high quality content on a regular basis is a surefire way of increasing website traffic. We understand the importance of blogging, so we have incorporated two different blog styles into this automotive WordPress theme.


    The Car Dealer Automotive theme includes 22 different widgets: a banner widget that can display your ads, a contact form, featured cars, Google maps, and many others.


    This theme is SEO ready, so you don’t have to install other search engine optimization plugins. You can set the proper title, keywords and description for each car listing.


  • f you like the car dealer theme demo, you will be pleased to find out that you can quickly recreate it on your own site. This way you will be able to set up the full website content (pages, posts, shortcode elements, slider) and then customize it according to your needs.Download the Car Dealer Automotive WordPress Theme now! Install it, import the content and get a great looking, fully functional car dealership website within minutes!*all purchased images are watermarkedPlease note, images listed below were purchased on photodune’s website:



Dec 11, 2018

improvementCompatibility check with WordPress 5.0

improvementDisabled Gutenberg editor usage, re-enabled Classic Editor

improvementAdded following translations: Hungarian, French, Czech

bug-fixCar statistic widget

bug-fixEngine Units


Nov 19, 2018

improvementupdated LayerSlider to v6.7.6

improvementCompatibility check with WooCommerce v3.5.x

improvementmodified and optimized theme styles

improvementupdated twitterFetcher plugin

improvementescape dynamic data (theme security update)

improvementUI design for single car page

bug-fixstaff shortcode (correct displaying 1 item)


May 07, 2018

featureWP Multilingual plugin compatibility

improvementupdated LayerSlider to v6.7.1

improvementCompatibility check with WordPress 4.9.x

improvementCompatibility check with WooCommerce v3.3.x

improvementAdded opportunity to add 2 more columns in content constructor.

improvementImproved login/register forms UI (onpage forms)

bug-fixissue with warnings for “Add this plugin”

bug-fiximproved static image definition for google map shortcode


November 16, 2017

improvementUpdated currency converter’s API provider

improvementupdated LayerSlider to v6.6.2

improvementAdded russian theme translation

bug-fixfixed issue with static google map


October 25, 2017

improvementWooCommerce v3.2.x compatibility

improvementLayerSlider to v6.6.1

bug-fixissue with static google map

bug-fixissue with currency converter


July 03, 2017

improvementWooCommerce v3.1.x compatibility

bug-fiximage upload from backend issue


June 21, 2017

improvementAdded Cubic inches to engine size selector

improvementAdded Turkish translation

bug-fixissue with the gallery type blog post

bug-fixissue with captcha showing up in contact form

bug-fixissue with saving car settings


June 14, 2017

improvementCompatibility check with WordPress 4.8.x

improvementLayerSlider to v6.5.1

improvementAdded German, Italian, Slovakian and Spanish localisations

improvementUpdated pricing table views, added more flexibility

improvementUpdated blog listing pages with new look

improvementTheme security update

improvementsome css code optimisation

improvementupgraded file upload plugin up to its latest version

improvementtwitterFetcher plugin

improvementadded WooCommerce v3.x.x plugin compatibility

bug-fixremoved “Print” button from content sharing via social networks

bug-fixIssue with the user cars number when using multiple languages in WPML


February 08, 2017

improvementRTL support

improvementLayerSlider to v6.1.6

improvementsome css code optimisation

bug-fixgoogle map displaying issue on car dealer page

bug-fixissue with “Negotiable” price & Converter over it


January 06, 2017

improvementAdded Instagram icon to social widget

improvementLayerSlider to v6.1.0

improvementUpdated feature sharing cars on Facebook in correct format

improvementupdate TGM plugin activation

bug-fixcontact form shortcode (issue with emails been not delivered)

bug-fixissue with sliding featured car images when hovering them


November 28, 2016

improvementLayerSlider to v6.0.6

improvementtext domains in woocommerce templates

bug-fixdependancy on google map api from saving profile page data

bug-fixoverlapping issue with currency converter and main nav


November 23, 2016

improvementUpdated LayerSlider to v6.0.5

improvementAdded .pot translation template files

bug-fixfix statements in top bar for cases weather the login button and shopping cart icon are enabled or not


November 3, 2016

improvementUpdated LayerSlider to v6.0.3

bug-fixFixed offset issue caused by LayerSlider

bug-fixFixed fluid container in theme grid


October 27, 2016

improvementUpdated LayerSlider to v6.0.0

improvementAdded couple more strings to translation files

bug-fixString appearance issue in registering window


October 26, 2016

bug-fixQuick fix for missed icons


October 26, 2016

improvementOptimised theme performance

improvementOptimised theme font icons

bug-fixPlaceholders issue in IE and FF

bug-fixIssue with cookie saving tab states in theme oprions


October 05, 2016

featureUpdated single car page view (slightly new look)

featureAdded a modal window for registering / logging in (old sliding side panel is deprecated)

improvementAdded price formatting

improvementLoan calculator price adjustments and slightly new look

bug-fixYoutube video issue

bug-fixFixed issue with the search panel

bug-fixFixed issue with image shortcode when using fancybox

bug-fixFixed issue with locations, containing apex symbol


August 20, 2016

bug-fixAdding new car images in JPEG format

bug-fixGoogle map errors


August 04, 2016

improvementGoogle map API key option

bug-fixsuv svg file issue


July 12, 2016

improvementWoocommerce 2.6.2 compatibility

improvementVIN code capitalized

improvementLayerSlider up to it’s latest version (v5.6.9)

bug-fixGoogle map issue with API key

bug-fixWPML issues

bug-fixissue with ‘featured car’ checkbox

bug-fixcar images resizing issue

bug-fixissue with interior color option displaying


May 20, 2016

improvementemail notifications issue

bug-fixissue with accessing widgets

bug-fixissue with adjusting thumbnail sizes

bug-fixissue with car options

bug-fixissue with layout upon adding car in backend

bug-fixissue with adding images


April 29, 2016

improvementemail notifications, RTL support

bug-fixissue with compare list

bug-fixissue with watermarks for jpeg file types

bug-fixissue with car listing page when the car image has nonstandard proportions

bug-fixissue with car title appearance

bug-fixissue with opening featured cars on mobiles


April 16, 2016

improvementRTL support

improvementWP 4.5 compatibility

improvementlocalization for mileage and engine size units

bug-fixconditions list in search widget

bug-fixcompare listing issue

bug-fixcar listing layout adjustments


April 04, 2016

featureability to manage the car condition list

bug-fixadvanced car options multilingual issue

bug-fixresetting password issue

bug-fixcounter on the car body shortcode

bug-fixtheme options saving

bug-fixsending emails

bug-fixuser roles deleting

bug-fixengine size appearance


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